Fortnite Duos 14/04


Register for the Fortnite Free to Play DUOS tournament

Discord - Required to joined

Platform: Any
Date: Sunday 14th April 2019
Time: 12:00pm AEDT
Registration closes: 11:30am AEDT

Prizes: 1st Place - $50.00

Teams: 16
Format: Double Elimination (Traditional)

Game Rules

Teams will check the bracket to see who their opponent is each match. Each team of two players is responsible for making the effort to invite the other team of two players to the game lobby and must make every available attempt to join a party together. Once in a party of four players the game lobby host will search for a game of Fortnite Squads. At the end of each game the total eliminations of each team are to be recorded and the team with the most eliminations wins the game. The first team to reach 2 game wins (of a possible 3 games) will win the match. Only full eliminations will be counted, clean ups are disregarded.

Sabotage Rules

Any player that deals intentional team damage to a member of the opossing team within the same party, damages any of their buildings or makes them fall will be immediatly disqualified from that series. Landing in the same location as your opponents, stealing loot, following them to try to steal their eliminations are all viable strategies and will not be considered sabotage unless intentional team damage is dealt.

  • Breaking or weakening opponent's built or non built structures or cover by any means.

  • Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way shape or form.

  • Building in front of your opponent.

  • Boogie Bombing your opponent.

Tournament Rules

1.    Registration

a.    All participating teams are required to have registered via this page and must have entered correct and accurate information about the team.

b.    Any team that tries to compete with a player that is not registered in their team will be disqualified.

c.    Upon registration you must also join the Tainted Minds Tournament Discord server linked at the top of this page for all communications about the tournament. If you are not in the Discord server you will be considered unreachable during the tournament and will be disqualified from competing.

d.    Must be an Australian or New Zealand resident to register.

2.    Scheduling

a.    All players have 15 minutes to join the game host’s lobby at the start of the tournament or since the completion of the previous round. After 15 minutes the game will be started with or without all players.

b.    If a player fails to join the lobby in time they will forfeit that game and earn 0 eliminations for the game. Missing players may join the lobby for the next game.

c.    At the end of each game if there are any players missing from the lobby, the game host is required to wait 5 minutes between games before starting the next game.

d.    Any player may request in writing via the tournaments Discord channel a 5 minute break between games. If that player is not ready to play within 5 minutes the lobby will start regardless.

e.    If a player disconnects during the game the game may be restarted only if the game is still in the waiting period or before players are in the Battle Bus.

f.     If a disconnection occurs during gameplay the game is to continue and the disconnected player may reconnect for the following game.

g.    Once the bracket is released players will be required to add at least one player that is already in the game lobby. Failure for players to make effort to join the game or for players already in the lobby to refuse to assist another player from joining will be disqualified from that game.

3.    Reporting

a.    At the end of each game teams will submit their total number of eliminations. It is recommended that you take a screenshot of your in-game Scoreboard or record your gameplay to prove your score if a dispute between teams arises.

b.    Submitting false score reports will result in disqualification and a ban from future tournaments.

Example Scores:

Game 1 - Team A has 12 eliminations and Team B has 8. Team A win Game 1.
Game 2 - Team A has 4 eliminations and Team B has 11. Team B win Game 2 and the winnner of Game 3 wins the series.
Game 3 - Team A has 16 eliminations and Team B has 10. Team A win the series 2 - 1.
In the Discord channel the winning team will report:
[Team A] defeated [Team B] [2] - [1]

4. Tie-Breakers

a.    If at the end of the series both teams have the same number of eliminations then a final game will be played. This will be repeated until a winner is confirmed.

Registered Teams:

Team Name Player 1 [c] Player 2
Shio x GlockD Fan FicshіoglockD in ur box
SHUU BRUVASpartanCuziiheffernan_720
VisualBetray GibberishMJayys_
Visual Esportsyoutube kyrozRaiden
SUB TO MY YTYT TakenLil Gr8vy
Revenge is so inactiveJhKツRVG WaffleAU

The bracket will be displayed here 10mins before the tournament commences.