We are fortunate enough to have some of the most experienced and energetic upper management and supporting staff to keep Plantronics Tainted Minds at the peak of eSports in the region. 

Founder and CEO - Nick 'DSav' Bobir

Nick is about as dedicated to Plantronics Tainted Minds as you can get. Working extremely long shifts at his day job to coming home and being up all night scouting potential partnerships and building reports. He's the chain that pulled the organisation to where it is today.


Operations Manager - Michael 'Voltris' Stewart

After hearing the ambition and direction of Plantronics Tainted Minds from Nick and Brandte, Mike has been advising the business development of the organisation since early 2015. Heavily involved with the Australian gaming industry he now brings his experience to the Operations Manager role of Plantronics Tainted Minds.


Public Relations Manager - Joshua 'Fushan' Main

For years Josh has been in the public eSports eye due to his volunteer work as a Head Admin for CyberGamer. He knows the ins and outs of public image and the effect that it can have on a brand. He brings his experience to Plantronics Tainted Minds and manages the organisation's social media presence and public appearance.