League of Legends

Plantronics Tainted Minds acquired the former Chiefs.Black roster and league spot in the Oceanic Pro League Split 2 following the team's performance in Split 1. They managed to win the Oceanic Challenger Series and defeat Infernum Gaming to replace them in the following Split. ChiefsESC now owning 2 OPL teams were required to sell Chiefs.Black, where they found their new home at Plantronics Tainted Minds.

The team consists of:

Top - Mark 'Praedyth' Lewis
Jungle - Michael 'Zahe' Dunn
Mid - Thomas 'Omni' Trinh Dung
ADC - Lawrence 'Lost' Hui
Support - Andrew 'Rosey' Rose [C]

Sub - Isabella 'Straawbella' Chan
Coach - Joshua 'BlindTurkey' Patrizi

Team Manager - Fasffy

Although they are now in the big leagues the team aren't done yet. They have their eyes set on OPL Championship and the International Wildcard tournament for a chance to play in the World Championships.


  • 1st Place - Oceanic Challenger Series - Split 1 2016
  • Qualified - Oceanic Pro League - Promotion/Relegation Split 1 2016