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Dom "Dibbs" Bryce

Dom found his break streaming Call of Duty Black Ops 3 on YouTube Gaming and was considered as one of the pillars of the Call of Duty live streaming community on YouTube Gaming. In September 2016, the call came from Twitch to move his live streaming content to their platform so he jumped at the opportunity and grew into the channel where you see him now. In November 2016 Dibbs signed with the Australian eSports Organisation Tainted Minds as a content creator. Before streaming professionally or taking streaming seriously as a Full Time job, Dom worked as a Social Worker; a job that he states was "grueling but rewarding".

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Jack "Huddo" Hudson 

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Hayden 'Prawln' Tresch

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James 'Cripsy' Williams

James began as a competitive Halo and FIFA player in the ACL Pro Circuit and fell in love with competitive video games. He since picked up content creation and quickly soared to popularity with his Twitch live streams giving an entertaining analytical approach to FIFA and how to improve your gameplay. A long time friend of Tainted Minds he finally joined the brand in the middle of 2017 and hasn't looked back since.

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 PGL Romania - Media Day Photoshoot

PGL Romania - Media Day Photoshoot

Tainted Minds haven't been involved in PUBG for very long but have already made an impact in the scene picking up the first CyberGamer Championship in the inaugural season and competing in Romania for PGL with the top 16 teams in the world, placing 15th.


Joshua 'Joshie' Frilay [C]


Michael 'Benchu' Spaseski


Jared 'Extrude' Rusdale


Cohen 'Subslayer' Jacobsen

Counter Strike

                                           CGPL Spring 2017 Champions                      L - R: Zewsy, Yam, Chuch, ap0c, Ofnu, Ferg (crouched)

                                          CGPL Spring 2017 Champions
                     L - R: Zewsy, Yam, Chuch, ap0c, Ofnu, Ferg (crouched)

Tainted Minds

Tainted Minds has made a huge impact on the Australian Counter-Strike scene and have been a top contender for over a year.

The team consists of:

Yaman 'Yam' Ergenekon
Chris 'Ofnu' Hanley
Connor 'Chuch' Morgan
Ryan 'Zewsy' Palmer
Josh 'INS' Potter

Fergus 'Ferg' Stephenson (Coach)