We have returned - Introducing Tainted Minds Overwatch

Tainted Minds OW Annc.png

We have returned.

Tainted Minds have always had a keen eye on Overwatch and have since been excited with its vast development as an esports title. Tainted Minds was a synonymous name with the regional Overwatch community at the launch of the title, fielding one of the leading teams.

Since the disbanding of the original Tainted Minds Overwatch team way back when the title was in its infancy, we have kept our eyes on the game and waiting for the right opportunity to re-enter, we feel now is that time. With the introduction of the ANZ Contenders League by Blizzard and the excitement that the game is bringing to esports around the globe, there is so much potential for the Oceanic region to make its mark.

The Overwatch community is a passionate one that we cannot wait to engage with more and develop alongside with a long-term vision.

We are extremely excited to bring this current roster into the #TMNATION and work with the players to really help them personally develop and also grow as a team. With bringing on this line up we are committed to the long-term support of Overwatch and utilizing our resources to help this team grow while simultaneously helping the region develop as a whole.

The roster consists of:

Tank - Richard 'Fullmetal' McLeod
Support - Dylan 'Godsworld' Caine
DPS - Jason 'Slidzorj' Andrews
DPS - Daniel 'Dfield' Banfield
Support - Serena 'Babyporo' Barnett
Tank - Solomon 'JJJJ' Spearritt

Substitute - Tristan 'Trisimail' Ismail

"Whilst researching the top teams in the region we came across Sol (JJJJ) and were amazed at his passion for the game and the long-term goal of development for the region.  Despite qualifying for Contenders through the Contenders Trial and not a well established name within the scene, we decided that he is the type of person we want to work with to build a team around. To help bolster the team we've brought along some returning faces with both 'Godsworld' and 'Dfield' having been a part of the original Tainted Minds Overwatch lineup. With their experience alongside this fresh hungry roster we believe the team will be a serious challenger for the top position in future season."
- Michael 'Voltris' Stewart - Operations Manager

"We are excited to be here and look forward to continual improvement and development with Tainted Minds. We're all extremely excited and looking forward to the upcoming Contenders season and what lies ahead for us."
- Sollomon 'JJJJ' Spearritt - Overwatch Captain

The Tainted Minds Overwatch team will play their first Contenders match next Monday (March 12th) at 3PM against Serenity.

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Michael Stewart