Catching up with Julz

We caught up with our own Tainted Minds Rocket League player ‘Julz’ on the back of our recent qualification for the Rocket League World Championships in London, June 8-10.

My family has always been really supportive when it came to Rocket League. Now that I have made the World Championships they now truly understand the magnitude of the sport side of rocket league.

How did you get into Rocket League?

I watched Kronovi's stream on Twitch like 3 years ago, driving around backwards and flying his car in the air like it was natural and I wanted to be able to do that. Plus I had heard from friends that this 'soccer with cars' game is really fun and that I should try it.

What does your family think about the fact that you have now qualified to travel to a world championship for an esport?

My family has always been really supportive when it came to Rocket League. Now that I have made the World Championships they now truly understand the magnitude of the sport side of Rocket League and I've had ever-growing support from them.

What was the feeling for yourself when you qualified?

Absolutely ecstatic, I had to go through a "reality check" multiple times to realise that I had made it. Having worked so hard to improve throughout the year and then being rewarded for that dedication and practice, there is no better feeling.

Was there a more serious approach to these qualifiers as everything was on the line?

Yes and no, obviously we put every ounce of effort into making sure we showed up on the day and qualified. But, we take everything very seriously now; otherwise we would become complacent and not perform at our best. So regardless of which team we are going to play, best team in the world or not we try to take every game as seriously as each other.

When these neck and neck games go to overtime does that play on your thoughts/make you more nervous and if so how do you deal with it?

Rocket League is the kind of game that’s ‘in the moment’ so there really isn't much time to think about ‘what if I’m going to miss’ or ‘what if they score’, however when in overtime, if the game becomes prolonged in a neck and neck situation, it’s quite easy to fall in this mindset. Quite frankly though, the best way of dealing with it (for me at least) is to just refocus on the game itself and be confident, because a bad mindset almost always loses you the game.

Apart from Chiefs, what team normally presents the biggest challenge for the team domestically?

A tough question, especially since both Dark sided and Legacy are both potentially equal candidates for this. But as of recent, definitely Legacy for sure, as in past games we have struggled to score against them.

It was your first time at IEM Sydney over the weekend, how did you find it?

IEM Sydney was an absolutely amazing experience, I got to meet everyone from Tainted Minds for the first time (They're all awesome) and I also got to watch CS:GO live (my other favourite esport).

What are you most looking forward to about the Rocket League World Championships?

I'm definitely looking forward to meeting everyone in the international Rocket League scene and also being able to play on the biggest stage that Rocket League esports has to offer.

Hot Dogs or Burgers? Burgers are by far superior

Hungry Jacks (Burger King) or McDonalds? McDonalds

Simpsons or Family Guy? Family Guy (My favourite character is Stewie)

Xbox or PlayStation? PlayStation

Hot Weather or Cold Weather? Cold weather

Dog or Cat? Dog

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

Follow Julz on Twitter- twitter.com/julz_rl

Tainted Minds- twitter.com/TaintedOrg

For more info on the Rocket League World Championships go to www.rocketleagueesports.com/news/rlcs-world-championship-tickets-on-sale-tomorrow/

Michael Stewart