Tainted Minds Presents: Call of Duty 2017

The APAC Region has been quite the battleground since the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with endless uncertainty from fans, players and organisations alike on the outlook of competitive Call of Duty in 2017. The transition between titles has been somewhat shaky, particularly for players with a multitude of player movements and roster changes, both predicted and unpredicted occurring in the past 3 months which has paved the way for the next chapter in APAC Call of Duty. 

During this time, the ex-orbit squad has been heavily publicised across social media for their roster transition with the announcement of two powerhouse players and teammates reunited in Hayden 'Damage' Handakas and Denholm 'Denz' Taylor, building what is arguably the strongest lineup in recent years. This squad of Damage and Denz lining up with 'Zeuss' and 'Nimble' has dominated Infinite Warfare thus far and is set for an incredible 2017 of unrivalled opportunity. 

Following the announcement of the Global LAN League and anticipated announcement of domestic competitions we cast our vision to the year ahead.

"As is the case with every new Call of Duty title, many teams form and rotate players with the goal of becoming the best in our region and of course placing well internationally. With the 5th Place Call of Duty World Championship teammates 'DD Duo' returning together and combining with 'Zeuss' and 'Nimble' who both had strong performances throughout 2016 and are also Call of Duty: World Championship participants in their own right, we are confident that this roster has what it takes to launch APAC Call of Duty to the next level. After many lengthy discussions we believe the best business decision we could make was to acquire this roster for the 2017 season, an opportunity which doesn’t come around often. 

Unfortunately this meant that we wouldn't be resigning the roster that took Plantronics Tainted Minds to our first Call of Duty World Championships. We have a great deal of respect for all of those guys and remain great friends with each of the members. As such both parties have agreed to mutually transfer their contracts and have assisted them in finding a new home for 2017 which they will be announcing in the coming days. We wish the boys all the best for an exciting year of Call of Duty."

Michael 'Voltris' Stewart
Operations Manager - Tainted Minds

Plantronics Tainted Minds are proud to announce the acquisition of the former ex-Orbit roster and are looking forward to another exciting year of Call of Duty.

"After setting our goals for this year, we feel that Tainted Minds are the perfect home for us for 2017 and beyond. With glowing recommendations from former and current players of the organisation, we can't wait to be a part of the Tainted family and broadcast our talents domestically and internationally under their name."

Rene 'Zeuss' Corporaal
Tainted Minds - Call of Duty


  • Hayden 'Damage' Handakas
  • Denholm 'Denz' Taylor
  • Rene 'Zeuss' Corporaal
  • Giancarlo 'Nimble' Vagnini
Brandte Boyles