Introducing Tainted Gears of War

With the recent announcement of the Gears of War 4 Pro Circuit and the direction the title is taking with a focus on eSports; Plantronics Tainted Minds has decided to branch out into the extremely popular 3rd person shooter and acquired the former G.P.P. roster. 

The Plantronics Tainted Minds team currently sit in second place in terms of pro points and are looking forward to the release of the new title where they believe they will once again rise to the top of the region.


John 'Clutch' Sanni [C]
Shayden 'Mercer' Aubrey
Timothy 'Lumby' Gollow
Jake 'Sim Dims' O'Keefe
5th Player TBD

"Ever since the Pro Circuit announcement from Coalition we've had our eyes peeled for a Gears squad that can not only deliver exciting results for our fans but also represents the values of Tainted Minds. Which is why we couldn't be happier to bring on board a team that carries themselves in such a positive manner and has the right attitude towards competing. We are able to combine this with our proven record to develop and support our teams in order to maximise performance and we can't wait for you to see the results."

Michael 'Voltris' Stewart
Operations Manager - Tainted Minds

"Joining Tainted Minds is a great opportunity for us and the organisation to develop and showcase the Gears of War franchise at the highest level in the Asia-Pacific region. Utilising both the determination we share as a team and the insurmountable support network that Tainted Minds provides, we undoubtedly reside in the greatest avenue for success. We look forward to a prosperous future as Tainted.GoW"

Shayden 'Mercer' Aubrey
Tainted Minds GoW

After the release of Gears of War 4 there will be at least 6 Coalition sanctioned international events over the course of the title. Each event will have the top team from the ANZ region represented with a combined prize pool of $1 Million.

Brandte Boyles