OVERWATCH Update - 27/07/16

Our Plantronics Tainted Minds Overwatch squad has bounced from success to success in recent weeks, in saying that however the squad has been met with news both good and bad. Our Overwatch coach and manager, Tainted Planet has addressed the news below. 


"I'm just wanting to give an update on the recent news (both happy and sad) regarding our roster.

Firstly, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Godsworld. Dylan was an asset to the team, both as a friend and a player, and it’s with sadness that we say goodbye. He’s a highly skilled competitor and any team would be lucky to have someone with his analytical mind and support hero pool. The team, the organization and especially myself wish him all the best for his career - he's got some fantastic ideas regarding content and I'm personally looking forward to seeing them come to fruition. 

Second, we welcome Snowblind. Karl is regarded as being one of the best, if not the best, players in Australia. He has (along with incredible aim) international FPS experience, a detailed knowledge of the game and a hunger to be the best. We’re excited to develop further as a team and likewise, help continue to grow as a player. 

Third, and finally, we welcome Chappos back from his European adventure. Max’s ability to motivate and direct a team is invaluable and his Roadhog/D.va play has to be one of the most feared things in the Oceanic competitive scene. We’re confident his dirty hooks, innovative strategies and solid leadership will allow us to take big steps forward as a team. 

I’m thrilled to lead a group of players so skilled and motivated and it’s with confidence that I can say we’ll regain our top spot in the scene in no time."

Moving forward the Plantronics Tainted Minds Overwatch squad believes that the strengths will continue to grow and bring more and more success in the near future. 

Brandte Boyles