LoL Roster Update 20/06/16

                                                From left to right - SazaHu, Zahe, Rosey, Lost - Omni was not present for his photoshoot

                                               From left to right - SazaHu, Zahe, Rosey, Lost - Omni was not present for his photoshoot

The Plantronics Tainted Minds League of Legends squad (formerly known as Chiefs.Black) were promoted into the Oceanic Professional League after a successful promotion / relegation match following on from being crowned the champions of the OCS for Split 1. However, due to age restrictions were required to drop one of their core players in order to compete in the OPL. 

Tomorrow (the 21st of June) Mark 'Praedyth' Lewis turns 17 and is eligible to compete in the OPL. He will be rejoining the starting lineup as the team's Top Laner for this week's match against Legacy and beyond.

As a result of this Dong 'SazaHu' Hyen Lee was rotated out of the starting lineup and remained a substitute for the team. He has since travelled home to South Korea for a holiday to visit his family and has decided that he will not be returning to Australia. As such Plantronics Tainted Minds have released SazaHu from his player agreement in the hopes that he will continue to pursue competitive League of Legends as a Free Agent back home.

"We want to send our best wishes to SazaHu for putting in an amazing effort with the squad and persevering through the challenges of language barriers. He is an outstanding player and we hope he manages to join another team back home now that he doesn't have the restrictions of a player agreement looming over his head. 
We are also want to wish Praedyth a happy birthday and are excited to see him finally rejoin the team officially and can't wait to see what he has in store."

Nick 'DSav' Bobir
Founder / CEO