Plantronics Tainted Minds Reach Semi Finals of COD Crown Invitational

Over the weekend, Plantronics Tainted Minds reached the semi final of the Call Of Duty Crown Invitational, but were knocked out by OpTic Gaming, the North american regional champions. 

PLT Tainted Minds reached the semi final by beating the number one seeded Australian team from the Challenge division, Chiefs ESC, 4-3 in the quarter final of the Invitational.

The PLT Tainted Mind team took a lot away from the tournament, including defeating Chiefs ESC in the tightest game of the weekend, as well as reaching the semi final and playing OpTic Gaming, which gave them valuable experience.

“We are so grateful for the chance to play against Optic Gaming in the Semi Finals and are glad that we were able to stay somewhat competitive with them,” team co-owner Brandte Boyles said.

Optic Gaming went on to beat the regional champions of Europe, Millenium, 4-1 in the final of the event held at the Melbourne Casino in Australia.

The Crown invitational was a great chance for a number of Australian teams to play against some of the best Call of Duty teams in the world, gain valuable experience and see how they compare teams such as OpTic Gaming and Millenium.

Be sure to keep up to date with Plantronics Tainted Minds by following @PLTgaming_AU and @TaintedOrg, as the Tainted Minds Smite and COD teams will both be in action over next weekend (16th-17th), for the CGPL Autumn COD Challenge Division Final and Smite Spilt One Final.

Brandte Boyles