Releasing our SMITE Roster

In the first SMITE Split of 2016, dark horses Plantronics Tainted Minds quickly rose through the ranks and were the first to draw blood against reigning champions Team Pandamonium. They continued their success all the way to the Split 1 Grand Final against The Panda's at CyberGamer Premier League Autumn 2016 LAN. In OPL history they brought the series to the first official Game 5 ever seen and narrowly lost in a nail biter series.

With Split 2 coming up the team were extremely confident that they would continue their drive and this would be the Split to finally topple the champions. In the off-season they recruited 'UltimateAbyss' to replace 'Shred' in the Jungle believing that this would bolster the team overall. Just days away from the first match of the Split 'iDivine' decided he wanted to give up playing, which left the team in a scramble to find a replacement in 'Elkeiro'. 

The first match of the Split did not go as planned in a Grand Final rematch against Team Pandamonium in which Plantronics Tainted Minds lost 0-2. Sometime shortly afterwards Mid laner 'Slycy' ceased all communication with the team, leaving them only to gauge what had happened from his social media which indicated that he had returned to Indonesia for a family emergency. Everyone at Plantornics Tainted Minds sends their best wishes to him and his family during this time.

The team was in turmoil and the players began considering several offers from other teams. Plantronics Tainted Minds released 'Gruff' from his player agreement on good terms in order for him to join the AVANT Garde roster.

This left team captain 'Tomolomu' as just one of the five players from Split 1 in the current roster. 

Earlier today the team had additional roster changes which left the squad unable to field a competitive team for the remainder of the Split with roster lock tonight. As a result Plantronics Tainted Minds have released the players and withdrawn from the SMITE Oceanic Pro League.

"This is devastating to finally come to terms with. We were extremely confident that we could beat The Panda's and become the new champions of the region, but things just didn't go our way. I tried my best to maintain a competitive team and keep the dream alive but in the end there were too many forces against us. I want to sincerely thank everyone from the management team at Tainted Minds for their faith in me as captain and support they showed us through not only the highs of Split 1 but also sticking with me through the lows as of late. As for what's next for me, I'm not entirely sure but I hope to be back again and better than ever for Split 3 and beyond."

Thomas 'Tomolomu' Morgan
Former SMITE Captain

"We are so proud of what the boys accomplished in Split 1 and couldn't be happier with them as individuals. They are all great guys to hang out with and have a good laugh, which is why slowly watching them each go their seperate ways is so hard for us. We want to thank them all for a great run and in particularly Tomo for his commitment to see the dream through. We wish them all the best in whatever endeavour they choose to tackle next whether it be in-game or out."

Nick 'DSav' Bobir
Founder / CEO