Introducing our Overwatch Team

Plantronics Tainted Minds have acquired the former 'VITAS' roster following the launch of the hugely successful new title from Blizzard Entertainment - Overwatch.

"We believe that Overwatch will be a very popular eSports title with the full support of Blizzard Entertainment behind it. We didn't want to miss out on any of the fun and decided to bring Plantronics Tainted Minds to the Overwatch competitive scene. We came to the conclusion that this squad shared our same ambition and have the drive to become champions in the region, making them a perfect fit to join the #Tainted family."

- Nick 'DSav' Bobir
Founder / CEO

This team consists of:

Tank - Max 'Chappos' Chapman [C]
Support - Dylan 'Godsworld' Caine
DPS - Dylan 'Channy' Chan
DPS - Daniel 'DField' Banfield
Support - Rhys 'Elmo' Beatson
Flex - Deoin 'Noied' Solomon

Coach / Team Manager - James 'Planet' Wood

"We're thrilled to be joining Tainted Minds as their official Overwatch team. We look forward to not only achieving stellar results but also developing as a team through the solid infrastructure Tainted Minds are able to provide. Their reputation for player environment is rivalled only by their competitive spirit and we hope for a long and prosperous partnership. #Tainted."

- Max 'Chappos' Chapman
Overwatch Captain

Keep your eyes peeled for the Plantronics Tainted Minds Overwatch team as they compete in regular weekend tournaments across ESL Australia, CyberGamer and more until a supported league system is announced.

Brandte Boyles