Joining the LoL OPL

Plantronics Tainted Minds have acquired the former Chiefs.Black League of Legends team along with their Oceanic Pro League slot for Split 2 of the 2016 season.

"We have had our eye on League of Legends for months now, trying to scout opportunities for expansion into the most popular video game title in the world. After some time, the perfect opportunity presented itself. We couldn't be happier with the squad and their ambition to dethrone their former sister team Chiefs. They have the experience, the skill and the drive to not only perform well, but to contest the top OPL teams."

- Nick 'DSav' Bobir
Founder & CEO

The Chiefs.Black roster won the Oceanic Challenger Series for Split 1 and qualified for promotion into Split 2 of the OPL. This meant that ChiefsESC owned two teams in the OPL and were forced to sell one of them. 

After many helpful back and forth discussions with ChiefsESC and Riot Games, Plantronics Tainted Minds pulled the trigger and acquired both the Chiefs.Black roster and placement in Split 2. 

The team consists of:

Top - Dong 'Sazuhu' Hyen Lee
Jungle - Michael 'Zahe' Dunn
Mid - Thomas 'Omni' Trinh Dung
ADC - Lawrence 'Zero' Hui
Support - Andrew 'Rosey' Rose [C]

Sub #1 - Isabella 'Straawbella' Chan

Coach - Joshua 'BlindTurkey' Patrizi
Player Manager - Fasffy

"On behalf of the team, I'm excited to say that we have partnered with Tainted Minds leading into Split 2 of the OPL. I would like to thank them for giving us the opportunity of working with them and I'm looking forward to the future we'll have. With our recent pick up of Sazahu and management team of Fasffy and BlindTurkey, we'll be looking to represent not only ourselves but Tainted Minds as we strive to become one of the top contenders in the Oceanic League of Legends scene."

- Andrew 'Rosey' Rose
LoL Captain

Split 2 will commence shortly where the Tainted Minds squad will come out firing.

All OPL schedule and details will be released to http://oce.lolesports.com/

Brandte Boyles