CoD Roster Change 13/05/16

On the 11th of May 2016 Plantronics Tainted Minds announced that they had released Jake 'Fate' Fitzpatrick from the Call of Duty roster, just hours after the team's defeat to OrbitGG in Week 4 of the CWL ANZ Stage 2.

"Jake was a member of the #Tainted family. He was a huge asset to the team and always fun to hang around. However, disappointing results in recent weeks lead to consideration for other options to improve the team's performance. Unfortunately this resulted in the team's decision to make a roster change, that prior to the match, they thought they wouldn't have to make. It's crushing to see a member of the family depart and we sincerely send our best wishes to Jake and hope he can find himself on another CWL team to continue to pursue his dream."

- Nick 'DSav' Bobir
  Founder & CEO

This left the team a player short with the next week of the Call of Duty: World League - Stage 2 just days away. Currently sitting on 3 wins and 5 loses, Plantronics Tainted Minds can't afford to make many more mistakes if they want to keep their Stage 2 Finals and ultimately the Call of Duty: World Championship in Los Angeles dreams alive.

To fill the void, the squad have recruited Jai 'Beastn' Boone to the starting roster of the team. Jai is good friends with each of the players in the team and has filled in for the team in scrims consistently for over a year, having been former teammates with both Damage and Chilean. Previously being under-age and unable to participate in the Call of Duty: World League, Jai has finally waited long enough and will make his debut against Apotheon on his 18th birthday.

With this new addition to the lineup the team believes they have filled the holes in their gameplay and once again have the hunger to dethrone the Stage 1 Champions - Mindfreak.  

Brandte Boyles