LoL Roster Update 28/12/16 | Scouting Grounds

Since announcing the Tainted Minds all star lineup for 2017, there has been much speculation around the final two positions remaining in the roster. Today we are proud to finally announce the new additions rounding out the team.

Top Lane - Mark 'Praedyth' Lewis

From rural New South Wales, Australia, Mark burst into the competitive League of Legends with his Oceanic Challenger Series team 'Chiefs Black' in 2016 where they won the championship and were promoted to the Oceanic Pro League and were acquired by Tainted Minds. Due to age restrictions Mark missed out on the first half of Split 2, 2016, but proved he belongs in the OPL when he turned 17 and was a huge factor in Tainted Minds' attempt to make a finals run which fell short in a 3-way playoff for finals. He rejoins Tainted Minds for the 2017 season alongside teammate Andrew 'Rosey' Rose.

Mid Lane - Aaron 'ChuChuZs' Bland

From Sydney, Australia, Aaron has been a star player in the region for several years competing for 'Legacy eSports' and being a driving factor for their many 2nd place finishes since 2014. Aaron was replaced on Legacy for the 2017 season and now he is hungrier and more determined than ever to prove his former teammates wrong and finally step out of the 2nd place shadow.

OPL Roster:

  • Top - Mark 'Praedyth' Lewis
  • Jungle - Ryan 'ShorterACE' Nget
  • Mid - Aaron 'ChuChuZs' Bland
  • ADC - Tristan 'Cake' Côté-Lalumière
  • Support - Andrew 'Rosey' Rose [C]
  • Coach - Nicholas 'Inero' Smith
  • Manager - 'Fasffy'

Scouting Grounds

Tainted Minds are hosting the first ever eSports Scouting event in the Oceanic region. Selected aspiring players that submitted applications to participate have been chosen to compete in the event. These aspiring players will be divided into 4 teams which will each be captained by a Tainted Minds OPL player to assist them and assess their abilities throughout the 2-day event. 

Tainted Minds will select 5 players from the Scouting Grounds to join their Oceanic Challenger Series roster for 2017.

Day 1 - Group Stages

Date: Thursday 29th December
Time: From 1:00pm AEDT - 7:00pm AEDT
Format: Best of 1, Round Robin

Day 2 - Finals

Date: Friday 30th December
Time: From 1:00pm AEDT - 7:00pm AEDT
Format: Best of 3

The event will be broadcast on Twitch and the livestream link will be released tomorrow.

Brandte Boyles