Tainted OCS Scouting Grounds | #TaintedLoL

There are opportunities that come and go, however none are more important than the opportunities that challenge your limits. Tainted Minds will be entering the Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS) in 2017, bringing an opportunity to aspiring players ready to make their next big step into the League of Legends world. We are looking directly into the grassroots of the region with an emphasis on mentoring and development alongside the Tainted Minds OPL squad and support staff. 

As such Tainted Minds will be holding a Scouting Grounds competition that allows all aspiring League of Legends players in the Oceanic region to apply for their chance to step into the spotlight and begin their eSports career. 

Registrations are now open for players to submit their applications to participate in the Scouting Grounds event. The top four applications for each role will be invited to compete in a mixture of mixture of scenarios that will test each of their abilities in a range of different team compositions.

Candidates should include in their application:

  • Full name
  • In-Game Names (IGNs) / Op.gg links
  • Preferred Role
  • Age and Date of Birth (16+ requirement)
  • Nationality / Residency
  • Current Location
  • Competitive Experience (previous teams / tournaments - if any)
  • A headshot photograph of yourself that you give permission to be used during the broadcast of the Scouting Grounds
  • Availability of the following dates:
    • December 28th / 29th / 30th
    • January 13th / 14th / 15th

Applications should be submitted via email to fasffy@gmail.com

Best of luck all applicants!

Brandte Boyles