A New Chapter: Tainted CS:GO

For Tainted Minds, 2016 has been a whirlwind of a year and the growth of the organisation is continuing to increase at an astronomically rate. Whilst many would assume everything is winding down in preparation for the Christmas holiday period, we have had one final target to achieve and finally we are able to cross off our final objective for 2016. 

Today, Plantronics Tainted Minds are extremely proud to announce our entry into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the acquisition of the former Athletico roster. 

"For almost a year now we have been keeping a close eye on the APAC CS:GO scene and have been waiting for the perfect combination of stability in the region, along with a squad that has the passion and drive to perform at a global level. 
With the structure ESL Australia have introduced domestically and the number of global tournament opportunities, we are confident that CS:GO in the region has the platform it requires to launch the competitive scene to the next level. 
After months of discussions involving focussing solely on the players, we couldn't be happier with their motivation and goals and believe that their vision aligns directly with that of Tainted Minds. We are looking forward to the team making an impact on the global stage in 2017 and beyond."

- Michael 'Voltris' Stewart
Operations Manager - Tainted Minds

"As a team we're extremely excited to be playing under the Tainted Minds banner in 2017. Looking to continue building off of what was an incredible second half of 2016 for our team, which included both our first National and International events. We look forward to working in partnership with Tainted Minds, an organisation well regarded for their professionalism and support for players, as we continue on our development as a team."

- Stu 'Sonic' Rayner
Captain - Tainted Minds CS:GO

The team will be travelling to Burbank, California for the Mountain Dew ESEA Season 23 Global Challenge where they will represent the Oceanic region and compete for the $50,000 prize pool in their first venture as part of the Tainted Minds organisation. 

Please give the players a warm welcome on behalf of the Tainted family!

Stu 'Sonic' Rayner [C] - @TaintedSonic

Connor 'Chuch' Morgan - @TaintedChuch

Jesse 'InfrequeNt' Barker - @TaintedInfrequeNt

Jay 'Liazz' Tregillgas - @TaintedLiazz

Travis 'Wizard' Richardson - @TaintedWizard






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