Introducing: Joshua 'DIVERG3NCE' Harvey

As 2017 shapes up to be a very busy year for not only eSports in the region, but also Plantronics Tainted Minds, it is a necessity that we stay ahead of the curve. With this being the case we envisage that social media and marketing are going to play an integral role in business growth and development, which is why we believe that having a dedicated market expert inside the organisation is key to success. 

We have been on the search for a short while to identify an individual who fits both into the dynamic of Tainted Minds, as well as has the necessary professionalism, connections, and dedication in the community. As such, Tainted Minds are proud to announce the newest addition of our team, our Digital Marketing Manager, Joshua 'DIVERG3NCE' Harvey.

"I am so pleased to now be apart of the amazing team at Plantronics Tainted Minds and am grateful that they have bought me into such a successful and talented team. I have always been dedicated to the expansion and image of our oceanic region and those values are at the heart of Tainted Minds also so it became clear to me that it would be the perfect place for me to be.

I'm very excited for what the future holds for tM and along with some key marketing strategies we have developed, the goals we want to achieve and some real exciting plans for the future we will be bringing you a fresh and dynamic Plantronics Tainted Minds. 

We plan to be at the forefront of the digital space and bring you new and exciting content so you too can be apart of the Tainted Minds journey. 
Bring on 2017."

Joshua 'DIVERG3NCE' Harvey
Digital Marketing Manager

"Marketing and the beautiful beast of social media are at the forefront of brand growth both as a player and as an organisation, which is why it is necessary to be at the top of your game. Social presence and marketing is just like the face of any organisation and is paramount to strategic success in such a rapidly changing environment. 
It is a pleasure and we are very fortunate to have Josh on board with us, with his skills and experience in this space bring about a new and exciting dynamic to the strategic marketing and content in the digital realm! 
From all of us here at Tainted, i'd like to ask you all to join in welcoming Josh to the Tainted family. The prospects for the year ahead are limitless, and for both Josh and Tainted Minds we look forward to a big year in 2017 and beyond."

Joshua 'fushan' Main

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