GoW & CoD Roster Updates 25/10/16

With the release of Gears of War 4 the team were required to recruit a 5th player for the updated competitive environment around the new title, whereas previously a team consisted of only 4 players. Having competed alongside the team in the first tournament of Gears of War 4 for the region Plantronics Tainted Minds would like to formally announce the addition of Michael 'Yippy' Macritis.

The roster consists of:
John 'Clutch' Sanni [C]
Shayden 'Mercer' Aubrey
Timothy 'Lumby' Gollow
Jake 'Sim Dims' O'Keefe
Michael 'Yippy' Macritis

On October 18th Cody 'Excite' Rugolo - Call of Duty player for Plantronics Tainted Minds - released a statement announcing that he was departing from the team on good terms. He highlighted how much he enjoyed working with Tainted Minds and the experiences he had in particular with major partner Plantronics as well as sending his best wishes for the remaining members of the team. 

Team captain Reef 'Eminence' Galloway released a statement regarding Cody's departure shortly afterwards. He too wished Cody all the best in his new home wherever that may be and announced that the team are currently looking for a 4th player to fill Cody's shoes. 

"Shortly after Call of Duty: XP where the team participated in the World Championships for their share of the $2 Million prize pool; Cody informed Tainted Minds of his intentions to explore other options. We agreed to facilitate Cody's move to another team to ensure that he finds the best home possible to further his gaming career heading into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Despite no longer being a member of the active team Cody volunteered to represent Tainted Minds in both a media event in Melbourne and participate in an activity at the EB Games Expo on behalf of Plantronics. That sums up the kind of character that Cody is and myself and everyone here at Tainted Minds wish him all the best in whichever direction he chooses to go."

Michael 'Voltris' Stewart
Operations Manager - Tainted Minds

Michael 'Voltris' Stewart